Genius: Kill holiday shopping 2 months ahead of time

The new kgbdeals channels for shopping and destinations (mentioned in my last post) may seem like a small tweak. But, in reality, it’s completely brilliant. Here’s why.

Now, all deeply discounted kgbdeals stuff — gadgets and items that make your life easier, more stylish, prettier, etc. — is on one page. This is insanely useful because this year, I’ve promised myself to maturely save time and money by completing my holiday shopping wayyy ahead of time. And kgbdeals make really nice, thoughtful presents. Plus, with daily deal vouchers, you have the option of gifting your recipient the item the voucher gets you or the voucher itself.

Today’s October 18, 2011. Challenge yourself to finish holiday shopping before Halloween. I promise it will make you feel accomplished, prepared, and incredibly smug when the holidays actually do roll around.

Just today, you could snap up all of these great gifts for people:

  • Any outdoor drinkers in your family? Keep her paw warm and her belly happy with this beer-koozie-slash-glove, AKA the “Scandinavian Tailgating Mitten.” If that isn’t thoughtful, I don’t know what is.
  • High-quality pashminas to wrap the shoulders of loved ones on those inbetweener-temperature days. Deep, saturated colors, pleasing textures, and one-size-fits-all status make these a huge winner.
  • Because pint glasses don’t do flowers justice, gift these quirky collapsible vases that fold up flat and tuck away unassumingly. Lends credibility to the “Oh! For me?!” exclamation.
  • Have a friend whose makeup brushes look like they’re caked with fuchsia blush from the 80s — literally? Every cosmetics-wearer appreciates a brand new set of soft, well-crafted brushes in a variety of sizes for a professional look.
  • Lessen the carbon impact of a friend with this solar iPhone/iPod charger. Plus, as long as the sun is shining, you’ll never have to take that “Sorry, my phone died” excuse again.
  • Show a friend or family member how much homier his place can feel when he hangs some tasteful art on those blank, stark white walls. Get 81% off prints from an acclaimed fine art photographer.

Guess I’ve ruined the surprise of what my friends and family are getting this year from me…

But look how many people you can knock off your list, for over 50% off and in no time, on a kgbdeals shopping spree — before November’s even knocking on the door.

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