Post Cyber Monday roundup

Though “Cyber Monday” reportedly saw its biggest US spending ever at $1.25 billion, kgbdealists mostly told us in Facebook comments that they were lukewarm about the whole day or didn’t think it was such a great big deal. (Perhaps because you’ve long ago completed your holiday shopping on kgbdeals Shopping channel?)

Here’s this week’s roundup of better than Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday gift ideas:

-Fuzzy animal hats for $10 (normally $49.99). You may think they’re just for kids, but put one on and walk down the street for a warm fuzzy feeling and spontaneous smiles from strangers.

-Freshwater pearl sets at 70% off are the very definition of a no-brainer (yet still thoughtful).

-Hair gems add glitz to the strands of the glamorous, 60% off. I’ve nothing more to say than These. Are. Awesome.

-A new GPS for the directionally challenged. I know lots of people whose super old systems could use an upgrade. This TomTom for $89 is sure to set them on the right path.

How’s your holiday shopping going so far?

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