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Issues with Digital Doorstep Vouchers

We are aware that customers are having difficulty redeeming their Fandango vouchers due to the bankruptcy filing of Digital Doorstep. We fully intend to make this right for our customers and have set up a special support channel to assist with issues at [email protected].

We deeply regret this inconvenience and are working hard to ensure our customers are taken care of. We appreciate your understanding and for being part of the kgbdeals family.

Agent G wants to know: What does bikini-ready mean to you?

Girls! I’m Agent G, ambassador to all deals beauty, spa, and fashion-related. Let’s get personal.

Today I had lunch with a girl friend in downtown Manhattan (by the way: snag the best falafel around at Alan’s Falafel cart in Liberty Plaza… a lusciously filling pita sandwich is a measly four bucks). She was on her way to an appointment for a Brazilian bikini wax and expressing the expected… anxiety. And when I really consider it, no matter how many times we do it or how normal it’s become, the way so many of us have accepted this method of ensuring our smooth nether regions strikes me as, well, hilarious!

But, giggles aside, I’m the first to say Bring! It! On! to all things that make a girl feel good, prettier, more confident. Bikini waxes are a great way to get a lady of any shape or style feeling extra sexy. (San Francisco people: check out this full-body wax for a steal at a really sassy little Glen Park spa. Major deal appeal!)

This, and a recent and fascinating New York Times article about being bikini-ready, got me thinking. Do you wonder if there will ever be a time when we look back at our hot-wax-down-there appointment days and laugh? Is the Brazilian here to stay, or one day will we, once again, redefine bathing suit beauty? What do you think?

photo via Muffet on Flickr


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