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The 4 types of Valentine’s Day gifts (hint: one is passive-aggressive)

Who are you impressing next week? kgbdeals are great for helping you to make the right move – check out our special Valentine’s channel.

There’s plenty of love to go all the way around. photo by happyhipposnacks via Flickr

Here are some top picks to inspire (mostly) New York Valentines. (But hurry, ’cause many are expiring very soon! And trust us, your date will appreciate just a little advance planning.)

We think that male chivalry is NOT dead, but we also believe in gender-neutral gestures of romanticism for all types of relationships. kgbdeals hope that both women and men of all preferences are looking to make their lovers/crushes/long-term partners swoon Feb 14, 2012.

Now for the deals. There are basically four categories for Valentine’s gifts and gestures: Safe/Romantic; “The Test”; Vaguely Passive-Aggressive; and Practical. As follows:

Safe/Romantic: good for new relationships or when you know your S.O. likes a classic surprise.

Eyelash extensions. Okay, first one’s for you — you can only really love someone else if you love yourself first. Make sure he or she feels the breeze when you bat your eyeball fringe. Also turns butterfly kisses to the neck into unbearable tickle attacks!

Queen sized Egyptian sheet set for 75% off. Really, a gift for both of you.

-There’s bouquet of romantic getaways available on the Destinations Channel in or around New York State! Half off or more on two nights each at an upstate New York bed & breakfast; in the Catskills; at Niagara Falls Ontario.

$15 for two pillow animals. Obviously an ideal Valentine’s gifts for your little ones. They also make a great third and fourth party most grownup couples won’t mind having join the snugglefest.

$15 for $30 worth of flowers and $25 toward dining. Don’t quite know your date inside and out yet? Lots of ladies are happy to receive blooms and a romantic meal.

70% off massage, facials, and more at Lia Schorr. Exquisite pamperage for ladies AND men.

Tapas and paella in Chelsea for $25. The Spanish do romantic meals like it’s their job.

“The Test”: find out how your date reacts to silly, adrenaline pumping, or unusual stuff.

$28 admission to Perfect Crime. Test your date’s intelligence and sense of humor with this classic, whodunit dinner theater event – the longest-running play in New York.

72% off a 60-minute rifle experience in Queens. Recommended for really solid, trusting relationships.

$30 custom bobblehead. Determine how well he or she takes a joke by having a moving caricature custom-made of him or her and yourself. (Bonus: makes a satisfying wall throwing item following particularly messy breakups.)

An $89 flying lesson. Test your sweetie’s ambition to reach the skies.

$19 for jewelry scarves. How well does your date pull off avant-garde fashion? (Meanwhile, you prove you know what’s up.)

Passive-Aggressive: you’ve been together for a while. Sometimes your gifts to each other serve as little nudges in one direction or another.

Half off an e-cigarette starter kit (Expires early on Feb. 8, so hurry for this one!) Imply that your main squeeze’s smoking habit is becoming a deal-breaker, but disguise it as “I care about your health and want to make sure you’re around for a long time.”

63% off three hours of home cleaning The perfect hint about your partner’s cleanliness level and a way to nag-proof your relationship.

Practical: you know who you are.

Half off Lasik surgery for both eyes. If you’re absolutely positive your near-sighted lover knows what you really look like – and won’t run in the other direction upon opening his or her newly vision-corrected peepers. Bonus points: taking care of a loved one post-op cements your reputation as a sweetheart.

We’d ask what you’re doing for your honey next Tuesday, but we certainly don’t want to kill anyone’s surprise!

Happy New Year from kgbdeals!

Thanks to you for a fabulous 2011, and here’s to a very happy new year!

In 2011, kgbdeals spread to new markets in the US, Italy, France, and the UK. Our wonderful customers purchased gazillions of deals, and gamely tried all types of new experiences, foods, and stuff at nice discounts. We gave away hundreds of prizes — movie tickets, gift certificates, and products — and were honored by your presence and interactions on Facebook, Twitter, and our blog.

Each day this year our actions had one common motivation: how to give you access to the lifestyle you want in a fun and affordable way. We brought into the kgbdeals fold smaller companies like What’s the Deal (WTD) in DC, The Dealist in New York, Social buy in L.A., and DC Girls in the Know, giving us even sharper know-how in local deal-finding. As we learned more about what you wanted, we started offering products and destinations, too.

Thank you from the bottoms of our deals-loving hearts for your support, your feedback, recommendations, and for keeping us in the know about what you want (and don’t want). As always, we love hearing from you on social media and through customer support. We’re getting better because of you!


Happy New Year from the kgbdeals Merchandising Team

Happy Diwali from kgbdeals!

The days are getting longer and colder, and I’ve noticed my usually-chipper Twitter stream is suddenly clogged with the gripes, grumbles, and vacation pinings of the people I follow. Yup, it’s that’s time of year when suddenly lots of people need a little pick-me-up.

It’s timely, then, that today is the middle of the five-day celebration of Diwali, the Hindu “festival of lights.” A celebration rich with good-triumphs-over-evil symbolism, all over the world families celebrate by breaking out new clothes, having a fancy meal, and generally celebrating togetherness. (See some beautiful Diwali photos here.)

Diwali fireworks over Mumbai. Photo by Ashwin John via Flickr

A typically Indian affair, Diwali celebrations are spreading to the States, too. President Obama is the first US president officially to recognize and celebrate the holiday; digital marketing king Seth Godin is also commemorating the festival to push a positivity. I’m personally in favor of an event this time of year that’s bright, colorful, and involving food.

Diwali treats. Photo by npmeijer via Flickr

To get you into the spirit for some Diwali-celebrating this weekend, here are a few India-related kgbdeals:

  • East or West, get your curry fix at either of the the two Kirin Indian Cusine locations in Midtown Manhattan for just $2.
  • Diwali is big in the nation of Burma. San Franciscans can experiment with 50% off Burmese food, a cuisine that combines spices, curries, stir fries, and coconut in incredibly savory ways.

Happy Diwali!

The local in the global: kgbdeals acquires TheDealist

While you can now find kgbdeals in over 100 cities worldwide, our very first deals sprouted from kgb headquarters here in New York City. As the company continues to expand and bring the sophisticated kgbdeals-touch to new cities the world over, we’re also looking to dig deeper into local markets and bring the deals you’re looking for to the right neighborhoods.

That’s why kgbdeals recently acquired TheDealist, New York City’s top independent daily deal website. We liked TheDealist’s special attention to customer wants — just about every deal they offer was suggested by consumers. They were impressed by the wingspan that our standing as a global, 19-year-old company lends to our dealmaking capabilities. You could say it’s a match made in heaven. We’re even considering co-updating our relationship statuses on Facebook…

It’s pretty romantic.

It’s all part of our effort to listen closely to what you’re looking for. We know that getting deals over 50% off on the stuff you love to try, eat, see, do… and that can be an important part of the lifestyle in any city. Through both kgbdeals and TheDealist, New Yorkers can now expect to find the same high quality deals as ever, with even more localized precision.


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