Issues with Digital Doorstep Vouchers

We are aware that customers are having difficulty redeeming their Fandango vouchers due to the bankruptcy filing of Digital Doorstep. We fully intend to make this right for our customers and have set up a special support channel to assist with issues at [email protected].

We deeply regret this inconvenience and are working hard to ensure our customers are taken care of. We appreciate your understanding and for being part of the kgbdeals family.

Post Cyber Monday roundup

Though “Cyber Monday” reportedly saw its biggest US spending ever at $1.25 billion, kgbdealists mostly told us in Facebook comments that they were lukewarm about the whole day or didn’t think it was such a great big deal. (Perhaps because you’ve long ago completed your holiday shopping on kgbdeals Shopping channel?)

Here’s this week’s roundup of better than Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday gift ideas:

-Fuzzy animal hats for $10 (normally $49.99). You may think they’re just for kids, but put one on and walk down the street for a warm fuzzy feeling and spontaneous smiles from strangers.

-Freshwater pearl sets at 70% off are the very definition of a no-brainer (yet still thoughtful).

-Hair gems add glitz to the strands of the glamorous, 60% off. I’ve nothing more to say than These. Are. Awesome.

-A new GPS for the directionally challenged. I know lots of people whose super old systems could use an upgrade. This TomTom for $89 is sure to set them on the right path.

How’s your holiday shopping going so far?

Is your iPhone getting lost in the crowd? Swarovski-ize it.

If there’s any trend I want in season longer than Republican Presidential Debates, it’s covering things in Swarovski crystals.

Things I would like to see Swarovski-ized: my fingernails, NYC subway signage, and perhaps the winner of the next election for the President of the United States of America.

Really, I just wanted to take a moment to point out a very special, custom-made kgbdeals offer: $29 to have your iPhone (or Blackberry Curve or Bold) encrusted in the glitzy glamor of Swarovski crystals for your everyday enjoyment. This eye-candy treat for your favorite of piece of tech usually costs $92.67. Purchase this voucher and order your gems stat; it takes about 45 days to receive your Swarovski case, because, did I mention it’s custom-made?

That means, however, that there’s still time to get one of these luxuries in the trembling-with-glee hands of a holiday gift recipient.


Speaking of holiday shopping, here are a few other gadgety items on the kgbdeals Shopping Channel that are flying off the virtual shelves:

-Nextbook Premium 7 tablet running Android for just $159 (62% off).

-A 3-channel Mini Metallic RC i-Helicopter for $40 (57% off). We get the feeling a lot of grown-up kids will be into this toy, especially since you can control it with your iPad, iPod Touch, or (crystal encrusted) iPhone.

kgbdeals recommends: pizza every day (+ our fave recipes)

Today is the perfect day for pizza, because is there any day that is not perfect for pizza? kgbdeals headquarters is situated directly in the pizza capital of the world, New York City, so naturally we try to keep as many pizza deals running online as possible. Especially in the nation’s less pizza-dense cities! Today, dwellers of at least four cities nationwide can pick up vouchers for nearby fantastic pizzerias:

-60% off at Pizza Re, Phoenix, Arizona’s spot for Jersey-style pizza.

-Two options in Chicago: Snag a large pizza and appetizer at Taylor Made Pizza for 11 bucks; get 50% off two filling and savory slices from Nicola’s.

-Purchase a $20 voucher for just $8 for the well-Yelped Extreme Pizza in La Jolla, California.

-In L.A., treat your friends to D’Amores Famous Pizza for a song.

But really, who can stop there. We thought we’d also share some unusual pizza recipes with you, to ensure you never tire of the old dough + tomato + cheese combination. A few of our favorites:

-This Indian pizza by Rachael Ray combines curry, dark meat turkey, and mozzarella, and is a perfect change-up for a post-Thanksgiving leftover meal.

-Smitten Kitchen takes New York baker Jim Lahey’s recipes as inspiration for this scrumptious potato pizza with rosemary (and also instructs in really simple classic pizza dough making — once you make your own, you’ll never go back).

-Create this surprisingly amazing and really healthful Japanese pizza with cabbage and eggs by nutrition-minded 101 Cookbooks.

-And to ensure that you really can eat pizza for every meal, try this sensational breakfast pizza by comfort food king Macheesmo.


Nom. Photo by thms.nl via Flickr.

kgbdeals guide to voucher etiquette


Call us a little biased, but we’re happy that daily deals have become a part of life for diners, shoppers, and spa-goers in lots of spaces. But like any aspect of culture, certain dos, don’ts, and common practices have evolved around the use of deal vouchers, and this is to be expected. This week, productivity blog Lifehacker shared the interesting write-up 8 Etiquette Rules for Using Daily Deals.

A few points we especially agree with:

  • It’s best to let the server/stylist/masseuse/co-pilot know you’d like to use your deal voucher early in the game;
  • Don’t forget to tip according to retail value;
  • For shared experiences, just make sure you have enough vouchers to go around!

Let’s harken back for a moment to an earlier kgbdeals blog post and Facebook survey, regarding whether or not it’s A-okay to use a kgbdeals voucher on a date. The majority of our Facebook friends said yes, so go ahead and show off how savvy you are, even on a early date.

Beyond the few roads we recommend not going down (say, presenting your chubby boss with Lipo in Box at lunchtime; telling your girlfriend you don’t need to walk her home anymore because you bought her a self defense kit; or gifting your severely chocolate-allergic aunt with rich brownies) daily deal etiquette is pretty straightforward with a little common sense. Any big daily deal use no-nos for you? Share in the comments!

Great things happen in threes: kgbdeals partners with Google Offers

Our goal at kgbdeals is expanding your lifestyle into new, delicious, and cool arenas at discounts of at least 50%. In just three weeks, we made three important changes with that goal in mind, including the launch of our kgbdeals Destinations and kgbdeals Shopping channels as well as our new togetherness with TheDealist.

Our number three announcement proves that we are on a serious roll.

We’re confident that partnering with Google Offers will let us expand our reach further, allowing us to add even more purchasing power to your pockets to do, experience, eat, savor, relax, and play — the way you want to.

You’ll find access to killer kgbdeals via our website the same as ever, but now deal seekers can connect to our latest and greatest via Google Offers as well.

As always, our doors are open for your feedback, questions, comments, thoughts, or information detailing what you ate for lunch today; get to us on Twitter and Facebook.

Genius: Kill holiday shopping 2 months ahead of time

The new kgbdeals channels for shopping and destinations (mentioned in my last post) may seem like a small tweak. But, in reality, it’s completely brilliant. Here’s why.

Now, all deeply discounted kgbdeals stuff — gadgets and items that make your life easier, more stylish, prettier, etc. — is on one page. This is insanely useful because this year, I’ve promised myself to maturely save time and money by completing my holiday shopping wayyy ahead of time. And kgbdeals make really nice, thoughtful presents. Plus, with daily deal vouchers, you have the option of gifting your recipient the item the voucher gets you or the voucher itself.

Today’s October 18, 2011. Challenge yourself to finish holiday shopping before Halloween. I promise it will make you feel accomplished, prepared, and incredibly smug when the holidays actually do roll around.

Just today, you could snap up all of these great gifts for people:

  • Any outdoor drinkers in your family? Keep her paw warm and her belly happy with this beer-koozie-slash-glove, AKA the “Scandinavian Tailgating Mitten.” If that isn’t thoughtful, I don’t know what is.
  • High-quality pashminas to wrap the shoulders of loved ones on those inbetweener-temperature days. Deep, saturated colors, pleasing textures, and one-size-fits-all status make these a huge winner.
  • Because pint glasses don’t do flowers justice, gift these quirky collapsible vases that fold up flat and tuck away unassumingly. Lends credibility to the “Oh! For me?!” exclamation.
  • Have a friend whose makeup brushes look like they’re caked with fuchsia blush from the 80s — literally? Every cosmetics-wearer appreciates a brand new set of soft, well-crafted brushes in a variety of sizes for a professional look.
  • Lessen the carbon impact of a friend with this solar iPhone/iPod charger. Plus, as long as the sun is shining, you’ll never have to take that “Sorry, my phone died” excuse again.
  • Show a friend or family member how much homier his place can feel when he hangs some tasteful art on those blank, stark white walls. Get 81% off prints from an acclaimed fine art photographer.

Guess I’ve ruined the surprise of what my friends and family are getting this year from me…

But look how many people you can knock off your list, for over 50% off and in no time, on a kgbdeals shopping spree — before November’s even knocking on the door.

Notice anything… different about us?

No, it isn’t a new haircut. It’s our new super-efficient channel layout!

Prefer to save on cool stuff that makes you happy or experiences you’ll never forget? kgbdeals has launched a channel for each.

On the top of the kgbdeals page, you’ll see links for kgbdeals destinations and kgbdeals shopping. Find your deals for these respective categories now nicely sorted for your close perusal.

kgbdealists know what they want. Whether you’re looking for a getaway or a gadget, we’re making sure you can find it fast.

Please let us know what you think!


Interview with Jeb Blount, kgbdeals V.P. of Sales: on writing, the passion of selling, and self-Googling

Alongside his exemplary 20-year sales career, Jeb Blount has founded a company and online resource for salespeople, AND written five books in the past five years. He joined kgbdeals as V.P. of Sales in June 2011.

Laura Grasso: I have to admit, books about sales don’t normally top my reading list. But I was quite inspired by one of yours.

Jeb is listening.

Jeb Blount: Which book did you read?

LG: Power Principles.

JB: Oh, that’s probably my least favorite of all five. When I look back on it now, I see how much better I’ve gotten.

LG: I liked how it shows the importance of one of the five principles you put out there: “Getting a coach.” Everyone needs a mentor.

JB: Thanks. I do love coaching. And I can’t tell you how cool it is to experience success in book publishing, especially the way I did with my last book, People Buy You. It’s used for some college courses and corporate training. Touching so many people’s lives and helping them solve problems is the best feeling.

LG: kgbdeals is known for being really great and helpful for merchants to work with. That blends well with your philosophy. What else did you bring to the kgbdeals table?

JB: Yes, we train our salespeople to help our retail partners get the most out of offering deals. I’m also here to nurture excellence and ensure long-term commitment to goals.

LG: Something I often wonder about sales is: What happens when you’re not super passionate about what you’re selling? Doesn’t that make your job harder?

JB: By giving the customer something that they need, you are helping them solve problems. For a long time, I sold uniforms. I didn’t always get really excited about uniforms, but what I sold helped my customers run the best business they could – I helped them do that. I was solving my own problems too, because I needed to save up and buy my high school sweetheart a ring. Also, you can always be passionate about striving to be the top seller of your product.

LG: I noticed you advocate for one of my favorite pastimes: self-Googling. What’s your advice for a person who finds something they don’t like posted about them online?

JB: The last chapter of my book People Buy You addresses that question. I offer three steps: First, don’t publish anything you don’t want your mom or your boss to see. Even when you think it’s private, it isn’t; people can re-share. Next, contribute. Make your own body of work and take control of your first page of Google results. Ask the company you work for to let you contribute to the blog, write other things you want people to see, and associate them with your name. Give people an idea of your strengths and what you’re about before you even walk in the door. Lastly, while you have control of your web presence, know you may eventually have a critic or two. Just do your part, continue adding good content, and respond when it’s appropriate.

LG: Great advice. I’m ready to start owning my own web presence! But first, what’s your favorite kind of cheese?

JB: Brie, because my wife likes it and it goes great with olives.

LG: Fair enough. Thanks, Jeb!

[See the interview with Patrick Albus, CEO of kgbdeals USA]

kgblog series: City InSite post #1 – Atlanta

This kgbdeals blog series, City InSites, will highlight each of kgbdeals’ American markets — and we’re looking for natives in each to tell us what’s hot in their towns.

photo by eschipul via Flickr

Atlanta, GA has been attracting Milliennials in droves in recent years. Why? Writers have a tendency to use the word “active” when describing the city; it’s socially sophisticated, clean, and friendly. The economy’s kickin’ compared to lots of other spots, with healthy competition for cool jobs. And god forbid you get bored, Atlanta’s the Eastern Seaboard’s transportation hub — you can get anywhere from here.

Diverse neighborhoods give Atlanta dwellers lots of places to be. Grab drinks in Buckhead, shop in Lenox Square, gaze at art in historic Castleberry Hill, and flex your foodie muscles in edgy, factory-revived Cabbagetown.

photo by GIANTsqurl via Flickr

kgbdeals Atlanta sales rep Ursula Smalls, who’s been calling ATL home since 1988, tells us that “Atlanta is really, really diverse. That’s something we try to reflect in the deals we offer this market.”

Tell us, Atlantans! What do you love about your lush, southern city?

What are you going to use your Sharper Image kgbdeals vouchers for?

Each Sharper Image voucher costs $14 and is valid for $30.

You can use two at a time, and buy an extra to gift a friend.

I want this Programmable Message Clock. iXP3 technology connected to a personal, secure website lets this clock roll laser-like messages through midair between its little gunmetal grey plastic arms.

Make it recap Tweets, regurgitate stock quotes, present texts, or relay the news. But mostly I think I’d program in a message for the morning telling me why it’s worth getting out of bed before 24 snooze cycles. (E.g.: because you’ll have time to stop for an indulgent macadamia nut mocha latte; because your boss is going in early today and you left a huge mistake on her desk last night; because early risers are happier and healthier.)

Or I’d get it for a girlfriend and pepper her day with red laser insults and nagging reminders: “OMG stop eating. please” and “text your ex & I’ll kill you. meet me for a drink instead”.

What’s your Sharper Image object of desire?

from Sharper Image

Which tablet for you?

Classic styling; you know what you’re getting, and you don’t have to fudge around with it too much. (Like a timeless New York style pizza slice.)

Cutting edge; a little experimental and changeable; you make it your own. (Think: your neighborhood’s newest DIY froyo joint.)

Also applies to: iPad vs. Android tablets. Which one is more you?

kgbdealists participating in our latest poll are currently split pretty evenly. For the ‘droid half, have we got the deal for you. Snag the Herotab powered by Android for just $159 — that’s 57% off.

Once you’re packing a light, speedy Herotab, your life will never be the same.

The only thing better than 80% off is… 100% off.

kgbdeals wants to know your friends. In fact, when you introduce ‘em, you can eat, be pampered, dance, get awesome products—in other words, access our awesome offers—for free.

For every person you tell about kgbdeals who buys something, you’ll get kgbkash. At $6 per friend, you’ll soon be able to get any of our active deals for nothing—you can earn up to $120 bucks! And since kgbdeals is expanding to new cities all the time, you can introduce friends and family to kgbdeals all over the US and the globe.

Get on it with the “share kgbdeals” link on the homepage. Our thank yous in the form of kgbkash will be added to your account automagically with the first purchase by each of your friends.

kgbdeals Attends Jazz-Age Lawn Party

Jana K. Hoffman, here — vintage fashion lover, recent Brooklyn, New York, transplant and kgbdeals Content Editor — to give you the low down on the Jazz-Age Lawn Party.

On Saturday, August 20, I attended the 6th Biannual Jazz-Age Lawn Party on Governors Island. Weeks ago we launched a deal for $15 tickets, which included all-you-can-drink St-Germain cocktails. They were refreshingly delicious, I might add.

Summertime jazz made us move our feet. Courtesy Flickr.

This Speakeasy may not have been so secretive considering the hundreds that arrived dressed to the nines in their best 1920s-inspired garb. And there was nothing hush-hush about the ladies and gents who graced the dance floor, the smooth summer jazz tunes that filled the air or the attentive (attractive) bartenders clad in vests and bow ties who kept the drinks flowing.

Two of my friends — one, a kgbdeals writer — visited from our native Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, (yes, I just moved here) to attend the event with me. Donning flapper-approved feathers, ruffles, pearls and fedoras, we took to the East River Ferry and shuttled off to another era.

Kind of like turning a page of The Great Gatsby, Jazz-Age was a storied event complete with partying, beautiful people and romance. Hosted by Michael Arenella and his Dreamland Orchestra and St-Germain, this event continues to grow each year. I especially loved that no one was shy about dressing up. Everywhere I turned I saw an even more incredible, enviable outfit. I took notes! Admittedly, I secretly sneered at those who seemingly forgot that they were attending a 1920s party. Correct me if I’m wrong; I don’t think flip-flops were in during the Roaring Twenties.

Do you know what dance this is? Courtesy Flickr.

Despite their fashion flubs, we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. I should have expected a line at the entrance, but it shuffled along quickly, and check-in couldn’t have been smoother. This was the first event voucher I’d ever purchased and was pleased with both the savings and the experience. In fact, we met some handsome fellas who slept on the kgbdeal and were a tad jealous as we slapped on our yellow drink wristbands. Nothing like looking like a savvy saver.

Summer wedding how-to

So you got invited to a summer wedding or twenty. We at kgbdeals headquarters in New York, where a whole new contingency of the population is now able to get hitched starting this past weekend, have seen our our wedding schedules grow a bit action-packed lately.

Incidentally, we’re also smack dab in the middle of a looong and muggy heat wave. This changes the most pressing question you’ll ponder while getting ready to attend a wedding from this: Are they making a horrific and irreversible life-changing mistake and/or hitting a jackpot spewing not only gold coins but also nuggets of eternal bliss?! to the slightly more practical: Dear makeup gods, how to apply foundation faster than I can sweat it off?

And there’s just something about heat and humidity combined with the excitement of being happy for your newly legally bonded friends, dancing, and toasting multiple glasses of champagne that leaves the face with an unpleasant post-wedding makeup-caked-on feel. Are we right?

Well, we’ve devised the perfect solution. Makeup, let’s assume, is fun and prettifying and who doesn’t like to change up their look a little with a socially acceptable form of face-painting? But, also, it’s not entirely necessary. Why not embrace your face, love it for its natural beauty, and go for a dewy bare or almost-bare look. (That reminds us, if you’re experiencing some summer breakouts, snap up this killer cleansing-defining-toning kit from CosMedix, a really wonderful skincare company currently running an exclusive deal for kgbdealists.)

But the photos, you say. You want to look hot tagged in each and every Summer of 2011 wedding album that pops up. Since I’m already in the vein of handing out unsolicited beauty advice, here’s some more. Wear a bright and punchy solid color that complements your skin tone. This is your best strategy for the most flattering of photos. Trust me! You’re welcome.

Non-recommended summer makeup look. Photo via dreamglowpumpkincat210 on Flickr.

How to get over an ex

So. Like just about every woman, man, teenager, or other reproductive species, you have probably at some point wound up at least a little heartbroken. Sadly, you may even find yourself there again.

The typical obstacles await. You must temporarily convert your heart from an emoting lump of feelings to just an efficient, rock-like, blood-pumping machine. Next, rapidly trample personal records for getting into shape, in order to a.) feel better about yourself, and b.) make sure you actually are even hotter than your ex remembers, should you run into them. Stay busy. Heal. And so on.

In fact, though, you’ll be pleased to learn that kgbdeals is more than just the best way to get daily deals on fun/cool/pretty/delicious stuff. It’s also a sophisticated, economical heart-mending tool.

For example, take a look at some current, restorative deals around the country right now.

-Ditch town and stop constantly preparing to duck around corners in case of potential ex-sightings. Up to five nights in a picturesque Branson, Missouri B&B can reset the heart. A break in Vegas can rev it up again.

-Those in the country’s most stressed-out city can bust separation anxiety with tranquil, re-centering yoga; get 85% off an unlimited month of classes.

-Do you attempt to eat your feelings with late-night ice cream binges? Turn your attention to organic, whole dried fruits instead; they’re delivered to your home for 60% off and a far healthier, sweet alternative.

-Scare the pain right out of your soul. It’s easy to imagine worse things than a breakup when you’re free-falling toward the earth following a leap from an airplane! Check out this adrenaline-jacking skydiving deal in Austin.

-Are you the type to seek solace in a martini? Justify your vice by making it a scholarly/professional pursuit with online bartending school and certification.

-Perfect the outside while you heal within! This kgbdeals offer in Chicago offers a clerotherapy session that remove visible veins.

Tons more highly therapeutic deals await across the country, and like a solid shoulder to lean on, we’ll keep ‘em coming for whenever you need ‘em. With our lead, kgbdealists can go from bitter to better in in fast-forward.

The Guinness float. Combine ice cream and brew; feel better in doubletime. Photo via stu_spivack on Flickr.

Let’s take a vote.

Because one of my fellow kgbdealers and I just had a violent argument over which is the superior beauty product and more important to maintaining our young, girlish appearances. He said, with fingers poised just above his cheekbones, that eye cream is definitively what keeps the years away. I say, however, that nothing whitewashes time and gravity like a nice, quality lightening of the choppers. Viewing a sparkly-snowy smile is scientificologically proven to distract the brain’s age receptors, typically causing the observer of your dazzling incisor display to misunderestimate your years by a factor of the square root of happiness.

We’re wondering what you think! Let’s say you’re forced to time-warp 10 years into the future, and it WILL age you. You may take with you either the eye cream or the tooth whitener. Which do you choose? And have you a different #1 beauty product to ensure all those you meet assume you’re a precocious genius, and not your actual age?

One lucky commenter gets a free voucher for MyLifeMySmile Deluxe At-Home Whitening Kit. It retails at $125. (Post your comment before 12:00 noon EDT on Wednesday June 27, 2011.) Of course, it’s still 69% off (that’s 39 bucks) for the rest of you.

Bonus tip: lick your teeth before smiling for a photo. It adds twinkle.

As any self-respecting pooch knows, white canines are the secret to a youthful appearance. Photo by Rennet Stowe via Flickr.

Does Facebook make you want to touch something

Did you know that Facebook growth has officially plateaued in these great United States? Meaning not that it’s dying, but basically that everyone is already on there (except that one holdout friend of yours who steadfastly refuses to join, no matter how many party invites she misses).

For me, this news prompted a little remember-the-world-before-Facebook pondering. For instance, I wondered what a friend whom I’d met in a class in about 2 P.F. (that’s two years Pre Facebook) was up to, but we hadn’t stayed in touch. And it struck me that in A.F. years (right, After Facebook, or, Anno Faccebooki), we would have connected on the site. I’d still have a good idea of what her life is like, despite not remembering her last name.

So yeah, social media is a pretty big deal. But it has no physical manifestation (yet), and I miss that. You’ll never leaf through the funny/stupid messages your friends left on your wall on your birthday, or the pictures you took of a snowball fight flash mob on your block, like you can with an old high school yearbook. At least not without substantial effort.

Or can you?

I had the business idea of starting a company, whom you friend on Facebook, and for a fee, they’ll make you a physical Facebook. Of course, they’ll somehow magically know which posts and pictures are most important to you and get it just right. (Feel free to steal that idea, by the way, I’ve enough on my plate right now.)

Anyway, now you can kinda-sorta do this on your own! kgbdeals is currently running this deal: a 26-page photo book by SmileBooks for $15. (Purchase the voucher before the end of the day on Wed., Jun 22, 2011.) Get all your favorite photos in there, and it’ll be a nice, coffee-table version of Facebook you can actually hold. Ahh.

This is one type of face-book. photo via _Max-B on Flickr

What is up with Colorado?

We millennials sure are mobile, aren’t we. We change cities like our mothers changed their underwear. But does it seem to anyone else that everybody is moving to Colorado? Why is that?

I’ve lost two former roommates, a close friend, and a business partner, and I had a near miss with an old flame considering a move to this illustrious state of our union. I would have thought it was just me, but there have been songs written about this phenomenon. (Hey, I didn’t say it was good.)

I’ve never been to the CO, but I’ve heard the stories: Just breathe the clean, fresh air and your skin’s age reverses itself! The men are chiseled, intelligent, plentiful, AND forward-thinking! Picking up a job is as easy as selecting an apple at your local, friendly farmers’ market!

This man wants to show you his wilderness. Photo via 3Neus on Flickr

To head off losing any more people whom I love to the nation’s most sought after rectangle, I’d like to highlight this current deal: have a massively discounted stay at the completely spectacular Black Forest Bed and Breakfast Lodge and Cabins. The vouchers are good for two nights, but you can stack ‘em up and stay for a while. Yes, imagine yourself shacking up in a rustic log cabin (but with full amenities), amongst towering pines and amid a perfect view of America The Beautiful; nearby, you can hike, view majestic waterfalls, observe wildlife, soak up the Western sun, and relax.

See, now you don’t have to move to Colorado to experience the alleged magic. So just come back, okay? Thanks.

Agent B’s RED alert: Monday’s Zagat Food Truck Frenzy!

Hey there, kgbdealers, I’m fast and furious dealmaker Agent B. I’m here to help you locate and not pay normal prices for the best adventures in cities all over the US. So, it would be seriously neglectful of my duties not to let you know about something fantastic that’s happening this coming Monday, May 23.

We agents are still kicking it in New York, where kgb headquarters launched a most fabulous new version of the kgbdeals site. (What do you think? Sexy, no?) If you’re in NYC too, you know that we’ve all been completely waterlogged with outrageous amounts of rain and muggy air this week. But there’s a silver lining to this seriously all-encompassing raincloud: the Zagat Food Truck Frenzy was rescheduled from this past Wednesday to Monday! Though I usually leave the grub finds to Agent K, my world adventures make me the expert on food on the go.

From 12-3 p.m., access delicacies to go from 26 (yes, twenty-six!) of NYC’s best food trucks on two blocks in Chelsea. The food truck trend has been raging all over American cities for a while now, delivering mobile yummies to the people, and I really don’t see this happy mania ending any time soon. On a nice day, there’s just nothing better than scoring delectable treats created by top gourmet chefs, for a fraction of the price of a resto tab, and then eating al fresco with the city as your dining room. Aren’t you glad the rain made sure you didn’t miss this? Get your tickets here.

Oh yah, these guys will be there. photo by Gribiche via Flickr

Meet dealmaker Agent K: food, dining, & beverage

Hello delicious world! Agent K here, your trusty restaurant, dining, and beverage dealmaker. Soon enough, you’ll meet my friends and colleagues Agent B, adventurous entertainment dealmaker (that is, if she can sit still long enough to write a blog post), and Agent G, our illustrious seeker of deal-appeal in the beauty, spa, and fashion departments.

We kgbdealmakers are currently in New York City, where the weather is finally, FINALLY warming up… which is, I assumed, why our Twitter feed is lit up with people talking about ice cream sandwiches! But no: they’re actually referring to the next version of Android software, codenamed “Ice Cream Sandwich.” Tech is more Agent G’s area, but it reminded me to get the word out about our new kgbdeals smartphone apps—download them for Android and iPhone, and you can access our deals on the go.

While you’re thinking about us, vote your favorite kind of ice cream on our Facebook page.

Naturally, I’ve a few favorites of my own here in NYC. This weekend I sampled approximately three grillion flavors at Il laboratorio del gelato on Houston Street on the Lower East Side, including black sesame, basil, banana, cheddar cheese, maple walnut, mocha chip, and beet. Shockingly, ALL those flavors were at least good (just not at the same time) so I definitely recommend that. But since we were talking about ice cream sandwiches, try the classic-updated-to-gourmet at the Bklyn Larder in Park Slope. And if you’re feeling exorbitant, have an ice cream donut sandwich at Peter Pan Bakery in Brooklyn or Holey Cream in Manhattan.

And for an Agent K insider tip, how’s this: National Ice Cream Sandwich Day is August 2. (Don’t worry, I’ll remind you again before then.)

We’ll keep you updated here with more crucial tips from all over the country in food, beauty, and fun from Agents K, B, & G.

The only things missing from kgbdeals

When kgbdeals first got on my radar in early 2010, I assumed I’d be accessing great deals at spas, restaurants, and maybe stores that I either already patronize or wouldn’t mind going to. I wasn’t expecting the deals that save me money on boring/expensive necessities of life (dental cleanings and x-rays), ways to expand my mind and skills (music, cooking, and exotic dance classes), or things I never knew I really needed to do in the first place (hot air balloon rides, krava maga self-defense lessons), and even deals that crack me up when they land in my inbox… and then tempt me (romance coaching, image consulting, homeopathic oral vitamin sprays…).

So I decided to make a list of things I suspect I’ll never find a kgbdeal for. This exercise was tougher than you probably think. Here’s what I came up with:

-Hospital stays (imagine making sure you use that one before the expiration date)

Petite Lap Giraffes

-Bail-outs valid at your local jail

-Criminal attorneys’ fees (a package deal with above voucher)

-Exorcisms (there’s a pretty clear separation between church and the kgbdealstate)

You got anything?

A day in the life

Imagine, for a moment, buying most of the kgbdeals available in a given city one day, and redeeming them all the next. Not that I would ever do anything like that, or whatever. Ahem.

If your city of choice were Chicago, here’s how your day would shape up:

You roll out of bed and head to Old Town for a 60-minute massage at East Meets West. (Might I add, by the way, that at $20, you’re paying $0.33 per minute. Heaven!) Your taxing decision for the morning is to choose among hot stone, Swedish, or Shiatsu. I say Swedish; you’ve got the rest of the day to walk it off. This deep physique-kneading reminds you that your body truly is a temple, and one in need of a little embellishment. So you head to Lakeview for some 50% off shopping at K&S Boutique, where you snag some no-one-else-has-’em, European-imported goods for 50% off. Check. What now?

Well, there’s no better time to snuggle up with wild animals inside a shopping mall than the present, when you’re looking cute and feeling relaxed, so you shoot to the ‘burbs with two-for-one tickets to the Animals After Dark – Rainforest Live! show and engage in some quality inter-species socializing. You feel inspired by the bendy snake you held at the show, and grab a friend/significant other/coworker you can actually stand/supplemental human of your choice; the next adventure on your list is to double up for half off a partner yoga class at Kundalini Yoga.

Class is two and a half hours, but you’re definitely still up for what comes after—nightcapping your incredible day at Brando’s Speakeasy in the Loop, where karaoke is on demand every evening to comply with any spur of the moment self-expression needs.

When you arrive home after a cocktail or two, and you’re finished blabbing about your incredible day all over everyone’s Facebook wall, you ice the cake of day well spent by designing your own handbag with a deal on the truly fantastic Elemental Threads via their fun DIY website. (This deal’s available nationally.)


Here’s mine.

All in a kgbday!

kgbdeals agents: undercover ops

Every so often, kgbdeals attempts to infiltrate the minds of a few of its unsuspecting and best customers. Meaning, they invite us to kgbdeals HQ for a “focus group,” where they ply us with pizza and salad (and psychoanalyze whether we choose the pizza and/or salad, and/or dessert) and ask us questions about our deal-seeking fixations. (We are rewarded generously.)

I’m pleased to report: I’m not the only one who is borderline insane about online and social deal buying.

My fellow kgbdeals enthusiasts have, like me, allocated significant portions of their brains to online deal identifying, research, appraisal, storing, and sharing (or not sharing, if in limited quantities). Lunch breaks and down time are sometimes devoted to such pursuits, and I even learned a few tricks from my fellow deal hoarders.

I suspect a few of you are on equal footing, yes? Perhaps you’re aware that kgbdeals customers can suggest deals they’d love to see via a simple tool on the site. You can vote on others’ deals you think are great, and all submissions will be given thoughtful consideration by the talented and discriminating sales team, who is just dying for your input. Check it out here.


They’re already training future generations of kgbdeals focus group participants. (Photo by Trenton Schulz)


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