Is your iPhone getting lost in the crowd? Swarovski-ize it.

If there’s any trend I want in season longer than Republican Presidential Debates, it’s covering things in Swarovski crystals.

Things I would like to see Swarovski-ized: my fingernails, NYC subway signage, and perhaps the winner of the next election for the President of the United States of America.

Really, I just wanted to take a moment to point out a very special, custom-made kgbdeals offer: $29 to have your iPhone (or Blackberry Curve or Bold) encrusted in the glitzy glamor of Swarovski crystals for your everyday enjoyment. This eye-candy treat for your favorite of piece of tech usually costs $92.67. Purchase this voucher and order your gems stat; it takes about 45 days to receive your Swarovski case, because, did I mention it’s custom-made?

That means, however, that there’s still time to get one of these luxuries in the trembling-with-glee hands of a holiday gift recipient.


Speaking of holiday shopping, here are a few other gadgety items on the kgbdeals Shopping Channel that are flying off the virtual shelves:

-Nextbook Premium 7 tablet running Android for just $159 (62% off).

-A 3-channel Mini Metallic RC i-Helicopter for $40 (57% off). We get the feeling a lot of grown-up kids will be into this toy, especially since you can control it with your iPad, iPod Touch, or (crystal encrusted) iPhone.

The inside-and-out kgbdeals noggin massage

A while back, we learned that kgbdeals customers are potentially a bit stressed out and very much desire deals that give them discounts on massage. (Indeed, massage deals are right now going like hotcakes in San Diego, DC, Philly, L.A., Chicago, San Francisco, NYC… you get the idea.) We prescribed mindfulness, laughter, and downloading meditation apps on your smartphone to soothe your frazzled nerves, and we promised to keep your sometimes-stressy emotional state in mind for future relaxing deals.

This week, two wonderful ways to bring tranquility to your pretty little head, inside and out:

-Tame a turbulent intellect with self-hypnosis, the best massage technique for thoughts. Own the soothing, lulling voice of award-winning clinical therapeutic hypnotist Rick Collingwood in one of several three-title MP3 packages designed to improve your life. Learn how to manage stress and banish anxiety; drop a bad habit; train your mind to make better dietary choices; or leave grief and depression behind. 64% off at Mind Motivations.

-Once you’ve got that part under control, shower your scalp in quivering, irresistible tinglies unlike any other sensation you’ve felt before with a Headgasm. It is pretty much impossible to keep your eyes open and your mood sour while under the assuaging tentacles of this delectable-feeling head massage. 50% off 2 premium scalp massagers.

Feel better already?

Photo by Ipoh 子 via Flickr

kgbdeals recommends: pizza every day (+ our fave recipes)

Today is the perfect day for pizza, because is there any day that is not perfect for pizza? kgbdeals headquarters is situated directly in the pizza capital of the world, New York City, so naturally we try to keep as many pizza deals running online as possible. Especially in the nation’s less pizza-dense cities! Today, dwellers of at least four cities nationwide can pick up vouchers for nearby fantastic pizzerias:

-60% off at Pizza Re, Phoenix, Arizona’s spot for Jersey-style pizza.

-Two options in Chicago: Snag a large pizza and appetizer at Taylor Made Pizza for 11 bucks; get 50% off two filling and savory slices from Nicola’s.

-Purchase a $20 voucher for just $8 for the well-Yelped Extreme Pizza in La Jolla, California.

-In L.A., treat your friends to D’Amores Famous Pizza for a song.

But really, who can stop there. We thought we’d also share some unusual pizza recipes with you, to ensure you never tire of the old dough + tomato + cheese combination. A few of our favorites:

-This Indian pizza by Rachael Ray combines curry, dark meat turkey, and mozzarella, and is a perfect change-up for a post-Thanksgiving leftover meal.

-Smitten Kitchen takes New York baker Jim Lahey’s recipes as inspiration for this scrumptious potato pizza with rosemary (and also instructs in really simple classic pizza dough making — once you make your own, you’ll never go back).

-Create this surprisingly amazing and really healthful Japanese pizza with cabbage and eggs by nutrition-minded 101 Cookbooks.

-And to ensure that you really can eat pizza for every meal, try this sensational breakfast pizza by comfort food king Macheesmo.


Nom. Photo by via Flickr.

The Eyes Have It Contest: See a movie for free!

How much attention have you paid to your soul windows lately? Some people care more than others about what their see-ers looks like — this week in the news, we learned that a California doctor has discovered a way to make brown eyes blue. (Apparently, underneath we ALL have blue eyes; some of us just have brown color on top.)

Most of us get stuck with one eye color. Photo by ihasb33r via Flickr.

Whether by changing their color, or with a wink, a glance, or a bold stare, the eyes truly let us express ourselves to the world. Take care of and enhance your peepers with these current eye-centric kgbdeals:

  • Sweet-talk your lashes into growing to new lengths with 76% off Sexy Lash eyelash enhancer. Draw it on like eyeliner, stand back, and wait for shoots of Bambi-length growth (okay, realistically: results in as little as two weeks).
  • Ensmoothen the space between your lower lashes and your cheekbones with 53% off Eye Give Up from Underology. This dark circle-removing serum lightens dark circles, de-puffs, and firms the skin.
  • Protect your orbs of perception from over-squinting and damaging rays with designer-inspired dark sunglasses, for a song: 60% off Inspired Shades with this national voucher.

Lastly, let kgbdeals treat your ogling devices to the film of your choice for free. Tell us in the comments which upcoming or current flick you’re most excited to see; one lucky commenter will score two free tix valid at any AMC movie theater in the U.S.

Good luck!

Update: contest over; our winner has been chosen. Thanks for all the comments! Look for our next contest in this space, on Twitter, or our Facebook page.

kgbdeals guide to voucher etiquette


Call us a little biased, but we’re happy that daily deals have become a part of life for diners, shoppers, and spa-goers in lots of spaces. But like any aspect of culture, certain dos, don’ts, and common practices have evolved around the use of deal vouchers, and this is to be expected. This week, productivity blog Lifehacker shared the interesting write-up 8 Etiquette Rules for Using Daily Deals.

A few points we especially agree with:

  • It’s best to let the server/stylist/masseuse/co-pilot know you’d like to use your deal voucher early in the game;
  • Don’t forget to tip according to retail value;
  • For shared experiences, just make sure you have enough vouchers to go around!

Let’s harken back for a moment to an earlier kgbdeals blog post and Facebook survey, regarding whether or not it’s A-okay to use a kgbdeals voucher on a date. The majority of our Facebook friends said yes, so go ahead and show off how savvy you are, even on a early date.

Beyond the few roads we recommend not going down (say, presenting your chubby boss with Lipo in Box at lunchtime; telling your girlfriend you don’t need to walk her home anymore because you bought her a self defense kit; or gifting your severely chocolate-allergic aunt with rich brownies) daily deal etiquette is pretty straightforward with a little common sense. Any big daily deal use no-nos for you? Share in the comments!

Happy Diwali from kgbdeals!

The days are getting longer and colder, and I’ve noticed my usually-chipper Twitter stream is suddenly clogged with the gripes, grumbles, and vacation pinings of the people I follow. Yup, it’s that’s time of year when suddenly lots of people need a little pick-me-up.

It’s timely, then, that today is the middle of the five-day celebration of Diwali, the Hindu “festival of lights.” A celebration rich with good-triumphs-over-evil symbolism, all over the world families celebrate by breaking out new clothes, having a fancy meal, and generally celebrating togetherness. (See some beautiful Diwali photos here.)

Diwali fireworks over Mumbai. Photo by Ashwin John via Flickr

A typically Indian affair, Diwali celebrations are spreading to the States, too. President Obama is the first US president officially to recognize and celebrate the holiday; digital marketing king Seth Godin is also commemorating the festival to push a positivity. I’m personally in favor of an event this time of year that’s bright, colorful, and involving food.

Diwali treats. Photo by npmeijer via Flickr

To get you into the spirit for some Diwali-celebrating this weekend, here are a few India-related kgbdeals:

  • East or West, get your curry fix at either of the the two Kirin Indian Cusine locations in Midtown Manhattan for just $2.
  • Diwali is big in the nation of Burma. San Franciscans can experiment with 50% off Burmese food, a cuisine that combines spices, curries, stir fries, and coconut in incredibly savory ways.

Happy Diwali!

Great things happen in threes: kgbdeals partners with Google Offers

Our goal at kgbdeals is expanding your lifestyle into new, delicious, and cool arenas at discounts of at least 50%. In just three weeks, we made three important changes with that goal in mind, including the launch of our kgbdeals Destinations and kgbdeals Shopping channels as well as our new togetherness with TheDealist.

Our number three announcement proves that we are on a serious roll.

We’re confident that partnering with Google Offers will let us expand our reach further, allowing us to add even more purchasing power to your pockets to do, experience, eat, savor, relax, and play — the way you want to.

You’ll find access to killer kgbdeals via our website the same as ever, but now deal seekers can connect to our latest and greatest via Google Offers as well.

As always, our doors are open for your feedback, questions, comments, thoughts, or information detailing what you ate for lunch today; get to us on Twitter and Facebook.

Liking kgbdeals: a message from our Director of Social Media

Thomas Falconer here. I’m responsible for all of kgbdeal’s social media platforms. The posts you see on our Twitter account @kgbdeals_usa, and on our Facebook page, usually originate from me.

We have over 46,000 fans on our Facebook page, and this makes for lively conversations. Our fans are very vocal about the deals they love – and the deals they don’t love so much.

There are real, tangible benefits to you when you join us on Facebook. Just in the past few weeks we’ve given away free tickets to AMC movie theaters and $5 coupons for Subway. Our Facebook page is a great way to get early access to deals, and to get deals that are only available to our Facebook fans.

Last week, our Twitter followers entered into a sweepstakes for free AMC tickets, just by re-tweeting a message from kgbdeals. And our followers also have direct access to us and get questions answered by our customer service experts in real time.

We also take quick, fun polls and conduct surveys of our Facebook fans and Twitter followers to help us constantly improve kgbdeals and provide you with the best-in-class deals service.

So “like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. You’ll be glad you did.

The local in the global: kgbdeals acquires TheDealist

While you can now find kgbdeals in over 100 cities worldwide, our very first deals sprouted from kgb headquarters here in New York City. As the company continues to expand and bring the sophisticated kgbdeals-touch to new cities the world over, we’re also looking to dig deeper into local markets and bring the deals you’re looking for to the right neighborhoods.

That’s why kgbdeals recently acquired TheDealist, New York City’s top independent daily deal website. We liked TheDealist’s special attention to customer wants — just about every deal they offer was suggested by consumers. They were impressed by the wingspan that our standing as a global, 19-year-old company lends to our dealmaking capabilities. You could say it’s a match made in heaven. We’re even considering co-updating our relationship statuses on Facebook…

It’s pretty romantic.

It’s all part of our effort to listen closely to what you’re looking for. We know that getting deals over 50% off on the stuff you love to try, eat, see, do… and that can be an important part of the lifestyle in any city. Through both kgbdeals and TheDealist, New Yorkers can now expect to find the same high quality deals as ever, with even more localized precision.

Genius: Kill holiday shopping 2 months ahead of time

The new kgbdeals channels for shopping and destinations (mentioned in my last post) may seem like a small tweak. But, in reality, it’s completely brilliant. Here’s why.

Now, all deeply discounted kgbdeals stuff — gadgets and items that make your life easier, more stylish, prettier, etc. — is on one page. This is insanely useful because this year, I’ve promised myself to maturely save time and money by completing my holiday shopping wayyy ahead of time. And kgbdeals make really nice, thoughtful presents. Plus, with daily deal vouchers, you have the option of gifting your recipient the item the voucher gets you or the voucher itself.

Today’s October 18, 2011. Challenge yourself to finish holiday shopping before Halloween. I promise it will make you feel accomplished, prepared, and incredibly smug when the holidays actually do roll around.

Just today, you could snap up all of these great gifts for people:

  • Any outdoor drinkers in your family? Keep her paw warm and her belly happy with this beer-koozie-slash-glove, AKA the “Scandinavian Tailgating Mitten.” If that isn’t thoughtful, I don’t know what is.
  • High-quality pashminas to wrap the shoulders of loved ones on those inbetweener-temperature days. Deep, saturated colors, pleasing textures, and one-size-fits-all status make these a huge winner.
  • Because pint glasses don’t do flowers justice, gift these quirky collapsible vases that fold up flat and tuck away unassumingly. Lends credibility to the “Oh! For me?!” exclamation.
  • Have a friend whose makeup brushes look like they’re caked with fuchsia blush from the 80s — literally? Every cosmetics-wearer appreciates a brand new set of soft, well-crafted brushes in a variety of sizes for a professional look.
  • Lessen the carbon impact of a friend with this solar iPhone/iPod charger. Plus, as long as the sun is shining, you’ll never have to take that “Sorry, my phone died” excuse again.
  • Show a friend or family member how much homier his place can feel when he hangs some tasteful art on those blank, stark white walls. Get 81% off prints from an acclaimed fine art photographer.

Guess I’ve ruined the surprise of what my friends and family are getting this year from me…

But look how many people you can knock off your list, for over 50% off and in no time, on a kgbdeals shopping spree — before November’s even knocking on the door.


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