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City InSites: Washington, DC with Brian Jarcho

Do you have a “Cheers bar”? A homey establishment that serves as the public extension of your living room? For Brian Jarcho, kgbdeals City Manager for Washington, the whole DC area is pretty much his Cheers bar.

Brian Jarcho serves wine with a grin. CHEERS.

I chatted up Jarcho recently to learn a bit about what’s happening on DC’s deal scene these days. Each week, he hits the pavement of the nation’s capital, greeting old buddies and finding new ones while he strikes deals with restauranteurs and business owners all over his hometown. Jarcho’s lived in and around Washington his whole life — save his college career a little further south — and lucky for Washingtonians, he knows what is up in this city. As kgbdeals’ Washington City Manager, he also leads the strategy of the local sales team, helping great places bring the best experiences to kgbdeals customers.

DC and Northern Virginia comprise one of those metro areas where the most interesting places to hang out aren’t super obvious until you know the territory well. This makes Jarcho’s deal-creating expertise and local know-how all the more critical for newcomers and under-rock-dwellers who rely on kgbdeals to point out the good stuff. That said, it won’t be a shock for just about anyone who’s been in the area for a bit to hear him opine that the Atlas District/H Street Corridor is “the hottest thing happening right now, with about two to three new establishments opening up every month between the Capitol and 15th Street.” Jarcho let on to me that he’s got a pretty fair inside edge with some of the the movers and shakers setting up shop in this fantastically dynamic neighborhood.

Jarcho’s favorite spots are those that offer a little extra something special. He describes kgbdeals merchant partner Inspire BBQ as “a hole in the wall — well, a really nice hole in the wall with amazing food” with a social impact bent, partnering with nonprofits to help nurture and teach the community. You may catch him at The Big Board Bar, where he gets a kick out of the “reverse Wall Street concept”; the prices of drinks decrease the more people order them.

Sounds like he’d be a pretty good friend to have as a DC tour guide, right?


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