Dining, theatre, metaphors

Other people save up to buy things, I save up to eat them.

While most women daydream about shirtless men and sample sale shoes, I dream about stracciatella -an oozy, creamy, to-die-for cheese that will SERIOUSLY change your life.

I LOVE food. But, can you really blame me? I grew up in France. Right beside the best chocolate, cheese and wine in the world. (Literally. I slept with it on my nightstand.)

But, I don’t discriminate. I love all food equally. Give me a classic grilled cheese or filet mignon with black truffle oil and I’ll devour both. By the way, black truffle oil is better than Disneyworld.

After attending the Universite′ Paris, where I majored in wine and going out, I spent two years traveling the world. And, I fell in love. No, not with a Spanish Javier Bardem lookalike, but with trying new things and experiencing all the world has to offer.

I appreciate everything from ancient Aboriginal war weapons to abstract macaroni art. I love a good Broadway show, and a good puppet show. I’m a total sucker for sappy movies, and an independent film junkie. I’ll try any interesting cocktail concoction. And I’m one of those people who actually enjoy reading intimidating, leather-bound books (nerd alert!).

I’ve definitely developed an appreciation for doing all kinds of interesting things. My wallet unfortunately, has not. So, something just HAD to be done.