How do I get a deal?

It’s easy! First, make sure you’ve registered and receive our daily emails. That way you can be among the first to see our new deals. Then, just click BUY before the offer ends.

I want to know more about the details of the deal.

The details of the deal can be found on the deal page. The most important information is in the “need to know” and “what and why” sections. To learn more about the terms of a deal, please refer to the “by the way” section to see the fine print.

I’d like to contact the merchant to clarify some of the deal details.

If you still have questions about a deal, be sure to view the “who & where” or “by the way” sections of the deal. You’ll be able to find contact information that may not be on your voucher. If you are still having trouble contacting a merchant, notify our Customer Support team.

Can I use my kgbkash to purchase a deal?

Yes, if you are logged into your kgbdeals account, the deal price will be reduced by the amount of kgbkash you have stored in your account. Your kgbkash balance is displayed on your “my deals” page. Please note some deals cannot be purchased using kgbkash.

I love this deal, can I buy more than one?

The number of vouchers that can be purchased varies by deal. Please check the ‘by the way’ section of the deal.

Can I check availability before I buy?

Yes! Just call or email the merchant to confirm availability. You can find merchant contact information in the “who & where” section of the deal.

I can’t find a previously listed deal, can I still purchase it?

Unfortunately, once a deal has closed it cannot be reopened and there is no way for you to buy an expired deal. However, keep your eyes open because we may offer the same or a very similar deal in the near future.

I’m thinking of buying a voucher but I want to know how long delivery will take or how much postage and packing will cost.

Please view the deal terms before purchasing. This information is available in the “by the way” section.

Can I buy a kgbdeal as a gift?

Yes! As someone once said, we only get what we give, so happy gifting! Unless the terms and conditions of a particular deal specifically state otherwise, we encourage you to!

I may not be able to use my voucher before it expires. Would it be possible to extend its expiration date?

We’re sorry, but we cannot extend expiration dates.

What is kgbkash?

kgbkash is our Loyalty and Referral Program. Registered users of kgbdeals can share a deal with their friends and qualify for discounts on future purchases.

How does kgbkash work?

Once you’ve registered with kgbdeals, you’ll be able to access a unique ‘sharing’ URL for each deal. This link can then be shared with your friends (by email, Facebook, Twitter etc). If your friends go on to purchase the deal using the unique URL (and it’s their first purchase with us), we’ll credit you with kgbkash as a thank you!

How do I use my kgbkash?

Once you’ve chosen which great deal to buy, the purchase page will show what proportion of your kgbkash balance will be deducted from your transaction. If you’ve earned enough kgbkash the deal is free! Any surplus balance is maintained and will be available the next time you make a purchase. Don’t forget you’ll need to be logged in before buying a deal. If you’ve forgotten your password, the Login screen includes a “Forgot Your Password link” to trigger a reminder email.

How long does it take to get my kgbkash?

As soon as your friend makes a successful first purchase using the unique URL you provided, your account will be credited with kgbkash.

Can I earn kgbkash on every deal?

While most deals are included, we do reserve the right to exclude deals from the kgbkash program.

Can I buy a deal in quantity in one transaction? (i.e. three meal deals adding up to $12, for two redemptions)?

Yes! Your kgbkash is one balance you can use to buy deals in multiple quantities. Your kgbkash will be applied against the full or partial amount.

What if my friend did not click the URL that I sent them but went directly to the site?

Unfortunately you will not earn any kgbkash. We can only activate your kgbkash through your unique URL, so make sure your friend uses the link you provide them to ensure you are rewarded!

If I refer a friend and they go on to buy a different deal on that visit to kgbdeals, do I still earn kgbkash?

If the deal they purchase is a kgbkash-eligible deal (i.e. the deal does not specifically state that it is excluded), and this is their first purchase with kgbdeals you will still earn kgbkash.

Is there a limit on how many referrals I can have?

No! You may introduce as many friends as you like to kgbdeals, however no more than $120 can be earned from friends’ first purchases.

Does my kgbkash expire?

Yes! kgbkash expires exactly 60 days from the day it was applied to your kgbdeals account.

Can I use kgbkash in different cities?

Your kgbkash can be used in any qualifying city in your home country.

How much do I get per referral?

It varies by deal, so please check the page for the specifics on each offer.

Will I get notified by email if my friend purchases?

Yes, you will be notified via email. You can check your balance at any time by logging into your account on

Can I redeem my kgbkash for cash? Is there a nominal value for the redemption?

No. Kgbkash cannot be exchanged for cash.

Can I stack my kgbkash and redeem against one deal later rather than on my next purchase?

At the moment, all kgbkash in your account will automatically be applied toward your next qualifying purchase.

Will kgbkash I’ve earned be used in periodical order?

Yes. The kgbkash you earned first will be the first redeemed when you buy your next deal.

If a purchase fails (i.e. fully allocated before completing the transaction) will I still be able to spend my kgbkash on another deal?

Yes. If a payment fails the kgbkash will not be taken from your account.

How can I find my vouchers?

Make sure you are logged in, either with your registered details or using Facebook. Once you’re logged in, click the drop down box on the top right section of the webpage and select the “my deals” option. Here you’ll be able to view all the deals you have purchased. You could also check your registered email account, as every voucher will be sent to you when purchasing.

I accidentally deleted the email with my voucher.

Not to worry. If you have a kgbdeals account, just login to your account and click on the drop down box on the top right section of the webpage. Select the “my deals” option to access, view, and print your voucher(s).

Is there a way for me to be reminded that the voucher that I purchased is about to expire?

Unfortunately, we cannot send out reminders when the vouchers you purchased are about to expire. Be sure to make a note of the expiration date printed on your voucher.

I don’t have a voucher code.

Your voucher code should be printed on your voucher. In most cases, you can find your voucher by clicking the voucher link in the email sent to you after purchase or the “Print Voucher” button on your “my deals” page. In some cases, your voucher cannot be issued immediately. If this happens you will be provided with further details.

I have a voucher code but it doesn’t work.

Please refer to the “by the way” section of the deal as some vouchers cannot be redeemed immediately. If you are still having trouble please contact us our Customer Support team

Do I have to use my kgbdeal the same day I buy it?

Of course not! Every deal has its own validity period indicated on the voucher, so you have the flexibility to use it within that period at a time that suits you.

How do I use my kgbdeal?

Simply print your voucher and you are good to go. To find your voucher, login to your kgbdeals account, go to the My Deals section, locate the deal you bought and click “print”. If you have not registered, you’ll receive an email confirming your successful transaction within 15 minutes of your purchase. This email will include a link to enable you to print your voucher. If you did not receive this confirmation email, please check your junk folder, and/or your company’s spam filter (e.g. Postini).

Can I use a single kgbdeal voucher on multiple visits to a merchant?

No. kgbdeal vouchers are valid for one transaction only, and do not accrue value.

I’m having an issue around delivery, what do I do?

If you’re unsure of the delivery procedure for a specific deal the first place to look is on the ‘by the way’ section of a deal page or your voucher. If you’ve still got questions you may find the answers on the merchant’s website. If you are still having trouble please contact us our Customer Support team.

I’m unhappy with my kgbdeal. What do I do?

We are very selective with the merchants we choose to partner with, however if you are not satisfied, let us know and we will do whatever we can to make it right for you.

Who is kgbdeals?

kgbdeals brings you a new way to savour all the things you love to do in your city, all at amazing discounts. Our dealmakers negotiate with only the best places, so treating yourself, your family and your friends can be fun, not expensive. We believe in daily indulgences and experimenting with new places should be accessible and affordable, and we make it easy for you to do it all.

When will kgbdeals be in my city?

Hopefully soon—we’re growing fast! Keep an eye on our for updates!

I can’t login. My password doesn’t work.

If you have registered with kgbdeals, you can request a new password. It will be emailed to your registered email address. Use the temporary password to login to your account. Once logged in click “My Profile” to change your password.

I can’t find my profile. Can you help?

Please login to your account. View the right top-hand side of the page and select “My Profile” from the drop down to review or make changes to your profile.

I’ve registered my email address with kgbdeals, but I am not receiving emails from you. What gives?

Please make sure you login to your kgbdeals account to select “My Cities” from the drop down next to your name. Here you are able to choose which cities you are interested in seeing deals from. Also, sometimes the email police like to stand between you and a great deal. Please check your Junk or Spam folder and add [email protected] to your contact list . You can also click on “Not Junk”, “Add to Safe List” or something similar in the email program you use. If you are using a work email, please check your company’s SPAM folder.

I’m getting emails for the wrong city.

Not to worry! Just log into your kgbdeals account, and look to the right hand side of the page. Click on the drop down menu next to your name and select “My Cities”. Then simply choose the ones you want to be emailed about!

I would like to unsubscribe from your newsletters.

Just open any of the emails you’ve received and look for the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. Click that link and you’ll be taken to your subscription management page, where you can uncheck any or all of the cities for which you are currently subscribed.

My account has been suspended.

If this ever happens, you will receive an email with additional information around the suspension.

I’d like to work for kgbdeals! Are you hiring?

We are excited that you want to join our team! Please visit to view our current career opportunities.

Do you have an affiliate program for other websites?

Yes we do. Sign up today and start earning a commission for every transaction you refer to us.

I run a business, and would like to learn more about running a kgbdeal. How do I do that?

Smart move. We bring you loads of savvy, loyal customers at no risk to you. Just fill in our Merchant Registration form and we will be in touch shortly.

I read the FAQ but I would still like to get in touch with the customer service team. How do I do that?

We’re here for you! To send a support request to our customer service team simply, click here to fill out our Contact Us form